Joovy BicycooGT Balance Bike – Red

Joovy BicycooGT Balance Bike - Red
Joovy BicycooGT Balance Bike – Red Detail
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Joovy BicycooGT Balance Bike – Red Description

The Joovy BicycooGT won designs awards at Europe’s largest trade show. Simple put it is the best looking, best functioning balance bike on the market! The frame is made of aluminum so it is strong and lightweight just like high end bikes. The lightweight frame makes controlling the bike much easier for kids, unlike the heavy wooden and steel versions. The tires are pneumatic and refillable. Many balance bikes on the market use EVA plastic tires which are cheaper and wear out much quicker…

Joovy Bicycoo GTJoovy Bicycoo GT is a stylish looking bike that provides functional balance support. This bike is lightweight but still sturdy with strong aluminum frame. Being lightweight, this bike can help children to control it better. The tires of this bike are pneumatic and even provide suspension for smoother rides. There’s also a handbrake for the rear tire for better control over speed when kids learn how to balance. They just need to power this bike by using their feet and lear…

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Joovy BicycooGT Balance Bike - Red

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